The Cott Interior – Top Interior Designers in Singapore

Do you want to improve the look and feel your interior home space? At The Cott Interior, we focus on creating thoughtful and exciting home interior spaces for your Singapore-based home. We can help you to convert that flat or landed house into a strikingly appealing and innovating space that reflect your dreams and style. Our top interior design contractors can customize the appearance and finish of your current home while keeping your its functional use in mind.


With our industry-leading experience in interior design, we aim at delivering the best quality interior design services than you can expect. We assure you of a smooth transition from an old-looking home into a perfectly finished and planned house. Alongside space planning and makeover, we keep into consideration other aspects like furniture and accessories to ensure that they complement your new
design. We focus on balancing the details while keeping the big picture in our eyes. We understand that perfection in interior design is a combination of small things done well.


In case you have an already existing plan in mind or several ideas, we consider them all them and merge them with your budget to help you bring out the best. Just present us your proposals including space utilization, furniture, lighting, electrical appliances and curtains and more and we will guide you. We believe that such small personal preferences are what can turn an average house into a stunning and livable home. Interior design must suit your needs now and in the future. This is why at The Cott Interior, we design and organize your house to fit how your life is now and how you want to live in future.


Take the step and trawl your preferred interior design trend for your home. We can help you experiment and transform that smart interior design idea you have in your head. Contact us today for a personalized design project.