The Cott Interior – Interior Design Professionals in Singapore

If you want to transform that dull space into a simply appealing home, then you need an interior designer. However, if you want to experience the difference and enhance the value of your structure to attract potential buyers or tenants, then you need a professional interior designer. At The Cott Interior design, we can help you to convert that old-looking flat or landed house into a modern and
strikingly appealing structure that is worth the praise. We have the third eye to notice design flaws and analyse the condition of your flat or landed premise then give you proper ideas on how you can create a usable, liveable and aesthetically appealing home.


At The Cott Interior, we are equipped with industry-leading interior design workmen such as electricians, plumbers, and contractors. They are all ready to work together to ensure that your completed work portrays your exact dreams. We think outside the box, and this is why we exceed your expectations. We hone down your interior design style and help you select a functional layout that feels natural. Whether you want us to start from scratch or use the already available resources, we are the interior designers of your choice. We can handle everything right from picking wall and flooring colours, organizing room layouts, finding furniture that perfectly complements your plan and selection of fabrics and more.


To help you envision yourself in a new space, we utilize the most advanced technology and interior design methods for proper space planning. We ensure that we completely change how you look at your space. We see it in a manner you might not have imagined. Besides, we must ensure that all interior design projects must conform to Singapore safety and building codes. We can work based on your budget and style. Our creativity in interior design is unlimited. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us for any unique interior design need.