The Cott Interior – The Commercial Renovation Experts

The Cott Interior – Your Commercial Renovation Experts in Singapore

The commercial interior design is an excellent way of combating boredom in the workplace. It can convert dull and stiff office space into a place that reflects culture. Most employees now prefer modern space designs than those ordinary open-plan workplaces characterized by polished veneers and flashy colours. Commercial renovation, however, has been described as a complex and demanding process. However, at The Cott Interior, Singapore, we view it the other way. We make it easy for you to create, manage and renovate your commercial space. Whether it is a corporate firm, office, spa, salon, plaza, shopping mall or retail shop, we can customize it to match your functional and aesthetic preferences.


We employ innovative and creative design ideas to help transform your existing building space into a usable masterpiece. We do commercial space planning, interior design, partitioning, and renovations. To us, commercial renovation and interior design means more than just appeal. We ensure that your space remains practical. We emphasize on floor space maximization. We also give a lot of thought when planning and partitioning your spaces to ensure that there is freedom of movement.


At The Cott Interior

we have ample experience in handling various commercial space layouts. Our interior design contractors will superbly help you figure out what should be changed, added or removed. Besides, we also understand that selecting the right furniture is fundamental in any interior design task. Apart from the design work, we help you figure out their right style and type of furniture to choose. Other factors that we keep into considerations include eco-friendly renovations and build, lighting and ceiling options, plumbing and power and floor and wall decorations and much more.


Commercial renovation and interior design not only influences the appearance and image of a structure but also goes a long way in attracting potential clients. Whether you are planning to update your commercial space or moving into a new workstation, then you can
count on The Cott Interior for quality interior renovation services.