The Mistakes During Cleaning Your Home And How To Overcome It

Every people has a different method or style to clean their home. Some of the people mop their furniture or the collections, cleaning the bathroom, or sweep and mop the floor.

Unwittingly, I guess some of the people might do this thing. However, you need to avoid these things to prevent your home becomes dirty:

  1. Suck The Dust Using The Dirty Vacuum Cleaner.

Suck the dust using the vacuum cleaner is comfortable and practical. However, most people forget to empty their dust pocket. If you have collected too much dust inside the dust pocket, it will block your filter which causes your vacuum cleaner is not sufficient to suck the powder at home.

How to overcome it? When you have finished using the vacuum cleaner, immediately throw away the dust inside your dust pocket to somewhere else. If you often use the vacuum cleaner, you can arrange a weekly schedule to clean the vacuum cleaner. Alternatively, if you do not use the vacuum cleaner every time, you can arrange the monthly plan to wash your vacuum cleaner.

  1. Use One Duster To Clean All Of The Area Inside Your House.

For some people, they don’t want to bother to change the duster each time their clean their home. Most of the people use one duster to clean all of their furniture, In fact, using one duster to clean all of the areas inside your home is only to move the dust or bacteria from one place to other places.

How to overcome it? Always prepare some special duster as the backup to clean different area inside your home. The other option is you can wash your duster once you have finished cleaning one area inside your house. Then, you can begin to clean another area inside your house using the current duster.

  1. Place The Wet Toilet Brush In A Container.

After you finished cleaning the toilet, most people are used to place back the wet toilet equipment in a container. If you keep putting the wet brush in a pot inside your damp restroom, it is the ideal home for the bacteria to breed.

How to overcome it? Every time you finished cleaning the restroom, try to wash the bathroom brush and dry it thoroughly before placing back to the container. Cleanly mop the bathroom brush and the bottle to make sure there is no pool water inside the tank.

  1. Directly Spray The Cleanser Liquid To The Furniture Surface.

Well, do you know most people are familiar to spray the cleanser liquid directly to the furniture surface? I am afraid that this way will trap the fluid while absorbed by the furniture surface. The bad news is your furniture will become damp.

How to overcome it? First, spray the cleanser liquid to any clean sheets. Then, you may continue to mop the surface of your home furniture. By doing so, your home furniture will look nice and easy to dry after cleaned.

  1. Clean The House From Bottom To Top.

I recommend you not to clean your house from bottom to top such as sweep and mop the floor. Then continue by mop the home window and furniture. This cleaning method will waste a lot of your time and energy. The reason is your level will become dirty again by the dust or bacteria which falls from the things above it.

How to overcome it? Instead of doing the same things repeatedly, first, why don’t you try to clear the top area, so the dust or bacteria falls to the floor tiles? For example, put the window curtain off, mop the window glass, mop the table, wash the plates and ended by the sweep and mop the floor.