How To Clean Your Home Fast And Effective

Recently, having a clean and tidy home is the people’s dream. However, if we are too lazy to clean our house, I believe some of your residents will get sick or feel inconvenient to stay at home. You don’t want to let it happen, do you? That’s why you need to clean your house every time. Let me show you how to clean your home fast and effective:

  1. Swap Your Bed Sheets And Vacuum Cleaner Every Time.

The microbiology expert from East Anglia university recommends you to clean your bed sheets once a week in a 60 degree Celcius of hot water because the hot water can kill the bacteria. Also, don’t forget to clean your bed using vacuum cleaner twice a week to lift the dust and bacteria inside your bed.

  1. Clean The Wooden Floor With Warm Water.

The wooden floor gives you more convenience and subjective impression of our home. However, do you know the wood floor is vulnerable to broken if you don’t maintain it? To support it, you must sweep the floor every day with the soft broom. You also can use the vacuum cleaner to lift the dust. The most important is you can mix the wooden floor cleaner with warm water before mop the wooden floor.

  1. Learn How To Clean The Sponge And Duster.

You can try to soak the duster in a mix of detergent and dry it on the sun. When you have finished using it, always dry on the sun to prevent the damp which becomes the nest of breeding bacteria.

  1. Clean The Wall Inside Your Toilet Using Vinegar And Lemon.

The wall inside the toilet was the hardest part when you cleaned the bathroom. How to troubleshoot it?

  • Use The White Vinegar.

Spray the vinegar on your toilet wall, sit tight a while. So then, you can flush using the hot water while you brush the walls. Sit fast again and then rinse using the regular stream.

  • Use The Lemon and Hot Water.

Brush the lemon on your toilet wall, and then you flush using the hot water carefully. And then, you can try to use the aluminum wire to brush and rinse using the normal water.

  1. Don’t Wait To Clean Your Plates or Glasses.

Well, do you know that the sink contains more than 100.000 bacteria than inside the restroom? That’s the reason why you need to immediately wash your plate or glasses after you finished eating to avoid bacteria or virus and keep your kitchen cleaned.

  1. Don’t Forget To Clean Your Car’s Steering.

Although you have cleaned your car, don’t you think the bacteria will stay inside. The research has proved that steering wheel is seven times dirtier than inside the restroom because the habit of driving while eating or your hand is dirty. Don’t be lazy to clean your steering by spraying the cleaning liquid and then mop using the clean sheet on your steering.

  1. Clean The Air Conditioner Filter.

Don’t forget to clean your air conditioner filter. Recently, some of the air conditioners has allowed us to open the screen only using our hand without any tools. To clean the filter, you can use the wet sheet or take out the dust or bacteria using the vacuum cleaner. It is straightforward maintenance, and you can save your maintenance cost.