The Benefits Of Baking Soda To Clean Your Home

Well, most people think that baking soda is often used to create the cake or to clean the rust in a frying pan or pot. Here are some of the benefits of baking soda for your home convenience:

  1. Eliminate The Bad Smell Taste Inside Your Home.

Put the baking soda powder on the opened cabinet inside the freezer. The baking soda can maintain the freshness of food or drinks to prevent the contamination with other Bad Smell Taste where it can come from old fish or meat or other foods.

You also can put the baking powder around the trash can for ten or fifteen minutes. Baking soda can eliminate the bad smell taste in your whole room.

  1. Toilet Cleanser.

Baking soda is a natural cleanser which can eliminate the dust or bacteria. Many people also use baking soda to clean their restroom. Put some baking soda inside the toilet and brush evenly. Your bathroom is clean now, and you don’t need to spend your money to buy more toile cleanser.

  1. Extinguish The Fire.

Place the baking soda inside the bottle or any closed container and then put in the kitchen. This trick is useful when you cook food at the kitchen, and suddenly fire comes out from the kitchen by pouring to the flame source. Although it messes your room, at least you have survived from the disaster.

  1. Remove The Stubborn Stain.

You can remove the stubborn stain on your clothes using baking soda. Mix a quarter of baking soda and detergent to the washing machine. Baking soda can help you to lift the stubborn stain from the clothes.

  1. Clean The Fruits And Vegetables.

Baking soda is delicious to clean the fruits and vegetables. Prepare a bowl of water and put some fruits and vegetables inside the container. Add two spoon of baking soda and wash the fruits and vegetables as usual. Well, your fruits and vegetables are free of bacteria now.

  1. Waterway Cleanser.

Sometimes you feel annoyed when the trash clogs your waterway. That’s why you need baking soda to clean the waterway. Place a glass of baking soda plus a bottle of hot water to the navigation. Besides of economic reason, you can use this method to reduce the clog on the waterway.

  1. Sheet Or Napkin Cleanser.

Every home has a sheet or napkin to clean the dust. Sometimes, it is hard to clean the dust which sticks on the towel or cloth with the regular water. You can try to soak the dirty sheet or napkin to the mix of water and baking soda. Sit tight for few minutes. The dirty stain will leave by itself.

  1. Clean The Microwave.

Are you having trouble to clean the dry food stain inside your microwave? Why don’t you try to put baking soda inside the microwave? Mix the baking soda with the water inside the container. Then, the heat inside the microwave for one or two minutes. Finally, you can remove the rust inside the microwave quickly.