10 Ways To Clean Your Home In A Few Minutes

There are ten ways to clean your home in a few minutes. Allow me to explain ten ways to clean your house in a few minutes:

1. How To Clean The Blender Less Than 30 Minutes?

First of all, prepare one jug of warm water. Next is to develop a bottle of dish soap. Pour the warm water inside the dirty blender and then spray some of the dish soap. After that, turn on the blender around 15 minutes. Then, waste the dirty water somewhere else. Your mixer is clean now.

2. How To Clean Cogged Showerhead?

First, you need a bag of vinegar. Then, you can tie the bag of vinegar in the cogged showerhead and leave it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you can put your bag of vinegar off the cogged showerhead. Moreover, your cogged showerhead is clean now.

3. How To Clean Greasy Stove Filter?

Prepare a pan of warm water. Moreover, then put some baking soda inside the warm water. Furthermore, then you can begin to put the greasy stove filter inside it. When the half side of the oily stove filter has cleaned, you can switch to the other side of oily stove filter to clean the rest of the dirt. Your stove filter is clean now.

4. How To Clean Cogged Toilet?

Prepare the plastic warp film. Moreover, then close the seat of the toilet using the plastic warp film. Furthermore, then you can flush the water. When the plastic warp film has expanded, push the plastic warp film. Finally, you can put the plastic warp film off.

5. How to Clean Dirty Cookie Sheet?

Put some baking soda above dirty cookie sheet. Moreover, then spray some vinegar. Leave it for 5 minutes. Use the brush to clean the dirt inside the dirty cookie sheet. Finally, use the clean sponge to remove the dirt above dirty cookie sheet thoroughly.  Your cookie sheet is clean now.

6. How To Clean Scuffed Walls?

You can use the tennis ball to clean the scuffed walls by mop your tennis ball to the scuffed area on your walls. Don’t forget to wash your tennis ball after mop the scuffed walls.

7. How To Clean Clogged Drain?

Put some soda inside the clogged drain. Moreover, then continued by putting some vinegar. Then, pour some hot water inside it. Next is you can turn on the faucet to clean the clogged drain. Your sink is clean now.

8. How to Clean Limescale On The Water Heater?

Prepare the jug of mixing water and vinegar. Pour the mixing water and vinegar inside the water heater. Hit the button then begin the cleaning process. Moreover, then waste the dirty water inside the water heater into somewhere else. Your water heater is clean now.

9. How To Clean Hard Water Stains On Your Glass?

First of all, you clean the glass like usual. After that, put your glass inside the basket which contains a mix of water and vinegar around five or ten minutes. Your glass is clean now.

10. How To Clean Mineral Deposits?

First of all, prepare the clean sheets. Put the clean sheet nearby the faucet. Pour a bottle of vinegar above the clean sheet. Then, let it for one hour. After one hour passed, use the toothbrush to brush the area around the faucet. Moreover, finally, use the previous sheet to remove the dirt immediately.