With more than 10 Yrs experience

With more than 10 Yrs experience, The Cott Interior (The Cott) is a greatly respected, complete many interior architecture projects in Singapore. The Cott helps clients in diverse markets articulate and align their business strategies and core values with the dynamic use of space. Since founded, the practice creates individual interiors inspired by the culture and nature of the location, by the travels of the team and by the artisans with whom they work.

The Cott is an architectural interior design company that provides solutions for hospitality, residential and commercial clients. The design is as typical as the person it serves. Founded by 3 highly creative designers with more than a decade of experience in the architectural industry. With the same vision and motivation unites them to become a team. They have a dream to realize the best concept in every project they work on through a company they manage together. Utilizing material, space and dynamic working standards to create spaces where geometry, colors and functions have equal responsibility. They started from 1100 Square Feet up to 2200 square feet of showroom in Singapore and offers comprehensive design services that create beautiful interiors made for smart clients. The Cott Interior become a trusted interior company in Singapore, with all aspects of approach. Started from of interior development, from consulting to construction and project management.


As experienced designers of interior, exterior and space specialises in design and workmanship. The Cott creates branded environments and products that go beyond conventional thinking. Achieving clients' business and brand objectives through exceptional workplace, retail and hospitality environments. Specialises in Design and Workmanship, The Cott Interior dedicated to building design solutions that encapsulate our clients' brands in the marketplace today and for the future.

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